zondag 23 maart 2014

Wiring the Somfy Telis 4

The Somfy Telis 4 remote has 4 buttons (not inclusing the reset button on the back) and 4 LEDs to indicate the channel.

The buttons

Each button is wired to GND with the two pins on the left side of the button. When the button is pressed, the two pins on the right also get GND. To operate the buttons without physically pressing them: just wire the GND to one of the two pins on the right side of the button. We need to solder 5 wires to the board to have the Arduino control the remote (in the diagram: GND, UP, STOP, DOWN, SELECT)

The LEDs

Each LED is wired to +3V and to the circuit on the board. To let the Arduino know which channel is selected, we are going to measure the voltage between GND and the points marked with LED x. When the LED is not blinking it will read +3V, but when the LED is blinking it will drop to about 1.39V and the LED takes 1.91V.
We need to solder 5 wires to the board (in the diagram: +3V, LED1, LED2, LED3, LED4).


I took an old IDE computer cable that I had lying around for the wiring. I removed the battery from the remote, because it will be powered from the +3.3V output on the Arduino. See the final result below.

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  1. Nice! you've done a great job!

    I'm planning to do something very similar to what you have done, a little less ambitious though.

    I'm stuck at the very beginning. I have wired the remote to the Arduino (just GND and DONW) but I must be doing something wrong since the button is not activated... would you give me a hand??

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,

      Can you send me some close-up pictures of the wiring of the remote and arduino then I will have a look. And also the Arduino code you wrote.


    2. I used optocouplers to switch the Somfy buttons from the Arduino. I did not directly connect the remote to the Arduino pins!

    3. Thanks a lot for your reply! I'm sorry I didn't see it until today. I have a very basic setup, I will set it up again and send some pictures as soon as I can

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