zondag 16 maart 2014

The plan

The high level plan to build the Somfy controller is as follows:
  • hard wire a Somfy Telis 4 remote to a micro controller to control the Somfy devices
  • use an Arduino Ethernet micro controller
  • program the Arduino to read the sensor values, control the Telis-4 remote, and implements a webserver to communicate with the Vera Lite
  • build a custom plugin for the Vera Lite to communicate with the Arduino
  • connect a temperature controller and a light sensor to the Arduino

Shopping list:
  • Somfy Telis 4 remote
  • Arduino Ethernet microcontroller
  • X FTDI break-out to program the Arduino
  • Arduino proto shield to solder the final circuit
  • X Enclosure for the Arduino and one shield
  • V 4x optocouplers (CNY17-3) to wire the buttons on the Telis 4 to  Arduino
  • V 4x 330 ohm resisters to wire the optocouplers to the digital out pins of  Arduino
  • X 1x digital temperature sensor DS18B20
  • V 1x 4700 ohm pull-up resistor for connecting the DS18B20 to Arduino
  • V 1x analog light sensor APDS-9007 (3-70K lux)
  • V 1x 56K ohm pull-up resistor for connecting the DS18B20 to Arduino

And some other electronics equipment, because this is my first project:
  • V Breadboard and 
  • V cabling to experiment with the setup
  • V a red LED (2.25V, 20mA)
  • V 1x 150 ohm resistor for the LED
  • V a multimeter


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