vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Somfy Controller operational

A lot has happened since my previous blog. The Somfy controller is operational and is controlled by the VeraLite!

A summary of what I did:
  • Dry-wired a Somfy Telis 4 remote  
  • Programmed an Arduino Ethernet to control the Somfy remote
  • Added a light sensor (Phidgets 1143) to the Arduino. The light sensor is installed under the glass roof of my conservatory
  • Added a temperature sensor to the arduino (DS18B20)
  • Added logic to the Arduino to calculate a moving average (1 hour) of the light level and sun percentage 
  • Installed the Arduino test board near its final location
  • Installed wires from the Arduino to 
    • the temperature sensor in the bedroom
    • the lightsensor in the conservatory 
    • the future window sensors in the bedroom 
  • Wrote a Vera plugin that 
    • can operate in manual or automatic mode
    • allows control of 4 Somfy devices (up/down/stop)
    • shows the light level of the light sensor
    • shows the temperature of the temperature sensor
  • Wrote a logger on one of my virtual Linux servers to capture sensor readings every 5 mins and an Excel spreadsheet to show some graphs.

I uploaded the latest Arduino code and Vera plugin here

I'm still working on the automatic control, but already added the control of one of the blinds (roof of conservatory). The logger really helped in determining the values for automatic control. When the average light level is higher than 25000, I close the blind and when it drops below 10000 I open it.

See samples below. The graphs for "Tuin_Temp" (outside garden temperature) and "Serre_Temp" (temperature conservatory) are not measured by Arduino, but Zwave devices (4-1 multisensor).

Cloudy day

Sunny day

Mixed Sun/Clouds

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for this great guide. I used it to build an arduino controlled circuit to convert IR signals to Somfy remote presses 0 finally allowing me to control my blinds with IR and therefore fully integrating it with my Harmony Ultimate.

    This was my first electronics project so your guide was brilliant. I also used some of your code - I really liked the bitwise AND operation to read the flashing LEDs and the bit shift operator to set a single variable for the state of the remote - very clever.


    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks, for this guide. I use your example to make my own Somfy Wi-Fi controlerr ;)


  3. Beste Paul,

    Ik zou graag u code gebruiken in mijn project met de Arduino nano maar ik loop vast. Kan ik met u in contact komen? Het e-mail address bij u gegevens is niet meer in de lucht..

    Alvast bedankt!

    Mvg Eugene