zaterdag 5 april 2014

Full control of Somfy remote via browser

I have built a test setup that can fully control the Somfy Telis 4 remote from a web browser. The complete circuit to control the remote is built onto a breadboard.

  • The four ORANGE wires connect the LEDs of the remote to the analog input pins
  • The GREEN wire supplies 3.3v to the remote (I removed the battery from the remote)
  • The wired buttons of the remote are connected to an optocoupler and GND (YELLOW wires)
  • The optocouplers are connected to the digital (output) pins (BROWN wires)  via a 330 Ohm resistor and GND (BLUE wires)
  • The remote is also wired to GND (WHITE wire)

So how does it work?

The Arduino is acting as a simple webserver listening to incoming requests on port 80. I have defined simple commands to interact with the remote. The Arduino code is available here.

http://<ip address Arduino>/c<channel><button>

  • <channel> = 1..5
  • <button> = "u" (up), "s" (stop/my), "d" (down)

example: the URL below will select channel 3 first and then press the 'down' button:

http://<ip address Arduino>/c3d

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